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About Our Company

Hello, my name is Andrew Lamar president of Credit Gurus. I'll begin by telling you how greatly I admire your quest for outstanding credit!

Our company acknowledges that we live in a credit based society, and people with poor credit scores suffer the most.

At Credit Gurus, we pre-qualify all of our members for our accelerated credit repair program.

Our company does not charge a monthly fee, thus eliminating the stress of another bill while saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. We are selective about members allowed in our program, and we dont take our members long costly rides like most credit repair companies. 

The Credit Gurus repair program is for individuals that are serious about obtaining great credit and committed to the process. We are an extremely aggressive credit repair company that believes in giving our members maximum results in a minimum time frame.

Our program is one of a kind, we dont stop working until you have the tools and the credit score necessary to stand alone.


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