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Are you tired of being denied rental property in the neighborhood of your choice because of a past eviction? Have you ever wondered why most evictions don't show up on your traditional credit report profile, but landlords always seem to find it? At Credit Gurus, we access all credit reporting agencies, not just the primary 3 (Transunion-Equifax-Experian)

Here are some ways to remove evictions

While the process is more complicated, it's not impossible.

  1. Petition the court: In the county that filed the case, you can petition the court to have the eviction expunged from your record.
  2. Win your case: If the landlord served you an eviction notice without a legal or valid basis, prove that. A judge is more likely to rule in your favor if you demonstrate that the eviction was unfounded and not the result of you breaking your lease.
  3. Show proof that you didn't violate the lease: Make it evident you didn't break the terms of your lease. For example, prove that you paid your rent and left the property in a satisfactory condition. Provide evidence when possible. Documentation, such as cleared rent checks and photos, can support your case.
  4. Ensure proper procedures were lawful: Keep an eye on the landlord's process of carrying out the eviction. Laws vary by state, but there's always a specific procedure a landlord must follow when filing the eviction and serving the eviction notice to you. 
  5. Make yourself familiar with your state's laws governing eviction suits. Be sure to document how your landlord fails to abide by the required legal process.