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How to get and maintain perfect credit.

Roughly one percent of the population has perfect credit, i.e., a FICO score of 850 (on a scale of 300 to 850). Folks with such a high credit score all have these following traits in common: • Between four and six revolving accounts (this means credit cards) • At least one "installment" trade line (e.g., a mortgage or automobile loan) in good standing • Several accounts around 20 years old with a long history of positive use (To get a score above 800, you need 10 years of positive account history) • Around 30 years of credit use • No late payments (or other serious account errors) for at least the past seven years • Very few credit inquiries (no more than 1-3 in a six-month period) • No derogatory notations; collections, bankruptcies, liens, judgments, etc. • Debt levels on credit accounts of less than 35% of their overall credit limit In other words, long but sparse use of several accounts without any payment issues along the way.