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  • Bonus Material Disputing Student Loans
  • Situations That Warrant a Student Loan Dispute
  • Why You Should Keep Student Loans on Your Report
  • Basic Round 1 Letter (Dispute Credit Report Items)
  • Validation Request or 609 Letter
  • Demand to Comply with Investigation Request
  • Credit Inquiry Removal Request Letter
  • Request Annual Credit Report Letter
  • Dispute After Investigation: “The Prove it” Letter
  • Dispute Follow-up after no response for 30 days
  • Dispute Follow-up after no response for 60 days
  • Intent To File Lawsuit for FCRA Violation Letter
  • Report Identity Theft Letter
  • Debt Settlement Offer Letter
  • Remove Hard Inquiry Creditor Letter
  • Expired Statute of Limitations Letter
  • Cease and Desist Letter
  • Basic Dispute for Collections Letter
  • Credit Repair Resources
  • Your Credit Score
  • Your Credit Report
  • Obtaining Credit Reports and Scores
  • Free Credit Reports
  • Understanding Your Credit Report
  • Personal Information on your report
  • Summary of Your Credit report
  • Summary details
  • Public Records and Inquiries
  • What to Do With Your Credit Report
  • What Hurts Your Report?
  • The Effects of Unpaid Bills
  • Credit Card Balances
  • Closed Accounts
  • Too Many Inquiries
  • New Credit Accounts
  • How Credit Report Disputes Repair Your Credit
  • Government Laws and Credit Repair
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Fair Credit Billing Act
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Credit Repair Organizations Act
  • The Secret to Getting & Maintaining Perfect Credit
  • Adding Positive Information to Your Report
  • Two Ways to Get a Credit Limit Increase
  • How a Credit Limit Increase Requests Can Backfire
  • How to Improve your score Via Authorized User
  • Get a Secured Credit Card
  • Diversify Your Credit Report
  • Why Bad Credit Doesn't Just Disappear?
  • How To Start The Repair Process
  • Locate What's Affecting Your Score
  • Make an Assessment
  • Create a Plan of Action
  • What Credit Reporting Errors Should I Watch Out for?
  • Disputing Derogatory Information
  • Inside Knowledge on Tax liens & Judgements
  • Disputing Hard Inquiries
  • What are Hard Inquiries
  • Hard Inquiry Impact on Credit Score
  • What is a Charge-Off?
  • Insider Secrets
  • How to Dispute
  • What Should my Letter Include
  • How to Structure a Credit Dispute Letter
  • I Have Sent My Disputes Letters Now What?
  • No Reply on a Dispute Letter
  • What to Include In the No Reply Dispute Letter
  • Request To Verify 609 Letter
  • Recommendations
  • And much more.......

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